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On Page SEO Techniques List in 2019 (Step by Step)

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How are you? I hope you are good. Today I’m going to show you how to do On-Page SEO. You’re going to inform the on page seo techniques in 2019.  

First of all, many of you ask, what is On-Page SEO? How does SEO work? What is on-page SEO for an e-commerce website? And many questions…….

On Page SEO Techniques in 2019 What you should have known as a blogger!

Here’re the on page SEO techniques in 2019. Let’s look at a glance right now.

What are The On-Page SEO techniques in 2019?

On-page SEO is such kind of work what you have to do on your website or blog. This is totally against Off-Page SEO. I think that you may understand. I’m going to discuss in depth. Keep reading.

Right now, you have to do the following work if you want to do On-Page SEO perfectly. In this topic, you will understand about on page SEO. How to do it.


Site-structures are the sites that you see in SEO and its one overview. There are a total number of backlinks on your site. Ranking your site for the keyword. You also have to know how to build easy navigation.

site structure
site structure

However, to know more about site structure, you can watch this video and make your valuable comment to know more.

site structure

The formation of a permalink:

Whatever the permalink is the permanent URLs to your personal website post or blog pages. In other words, a permalink is the website address. Generally, permalink used to link to your website content.

on page seo techniquest list in 2019 that you may want to know.

Have it on your mind that the URL to every post should be permanent. A permanent can never be changed once it creates. This is originally permalink. This is a major on page SEO techniques in 2019.

permalink seo

Title Optimization:

The title is the main part of a post or a blog. To appear on the first page of the SERPs, website title must need to be optimized. In general, Google and the other search engine shows the first 50 to 60 characters of a title. That’s why always your website title have to be under 60 characters along with spaces.

title optimization in seo
title optimization in seo

On the other hand, SERPs always calculates the pixel width of the characters used in the titles with a limit of 512 pixels. However, Google sometimes might show a title and it doesn’t match your title tag.

title optimization in seo

Use some Visual Media:

Good image, video, audio are an example of visual media. The more you use this visual media, the more your website will rank on the SERPs. Try to use visual media as more as possible for you.

use of visual media in on page seo in 2019
use of visual media
An example of using visual media

Keep publishing Regular Content:

Publishing regular content on a blog is one of the factors to succeed in blogging career at present. The visitor of a blog always wants to become update about their niche.

One of the greatest techniques in 2019

In addition to this, Google gives rank this kind of blog that has a rule of content publishing.

Suppose, you have a health related blog and you want to rank on the first page of the SERPs. In this situation, you have to publish content on your blog on a regular basis if you want to appear on the first page of Google.
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Internal Linking:

Very simple! Internal linking is the link from one blog post to another blog post in the same blog/website. To make an anchor text you can do this.

internal backlink in on page seo 2019

Moreover, Internal linking helps to rank on the first page of the SERPs. To be more clear, I’m giving you an example you may already know about this website if you’re not a newbie in the online industry.

There is a famous website know as wikipedia. Could you imagine how many internal backlinks this website has created? OMG! For this reason, this is one of the greatest authority websites to the eyes of people.

External Backlinking:

Making hyperlinks one website to another website is called backlink. And external backlink is originally hyperlinked that point by an anchor text one domain to another domain.

on page seo in 2019

However, it can be described in the following way:

If another website gives backlinks to yours, this is considered as an external backlink to your website. Furthermore, if you give backlink out to another blog, this is considered as an external backlink too. This is important on page SEO techniques in 2019 for everyone.

Keyword Dropping:

Keyword dropping means optimizing or giving keywords on your website content. In my point of view, you should use the main keyword three to five times in every 1000 words length content.

keyword dropping in an seo techniques in 2019

Similarly, Try to utilize LSI keywords as much as possible.

Make sure that you’ve given the main keyword on the title, tag, description, meta description, H2 or H3 heading. Thus, you can optimize your keyword and appears on the first page of Google.
However, I’m giving you another task now. This is my keyword “On Page SEO Techniques in 2019” Now, you should find out how many times I’ve used this keyword on this article. Let me know by commenting.

LSI Keywords:

What is LSI Keywords?

Just put a word or phrase on Google what you want to know. You will see that Google is going to give you some suggestions on the bottom line of the search bar, this is called LSI Keywords.

LSI keyword on page seo techniques

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. LSI keywords are this kind of keywords that are approximately related to your main keyword. They are the similar, synonyms, or closely related phrases/words of your targeted main keyword for the particular blog post.

Have it on your main that LSI keywords will help you to bring success within a couple of days.

ALT Tag:

ALT Tag, commonly known as ALT Attribute or ALT description, is used behind the images of every blog. You may think about why I need to do this?

alt tag in seo

Very simple! SERPs cannot read your images, they can only read the text. That is the reason for using ALT Tag behind the images of a blog post.

After doing it perfectly, you may appear on the first page of the SERPs especially on Google within a couple of days. Test it bang on.

Loading Speed:

Of course! Loading speed is one of the most common things to rank on the first page of the SERPs. This is a rank factor from very soon and still working.

loading speed in seo in 2019

Without excellent loading speed, visitor cannot visit and stay on your website. The click back to your competitors. Similarly, Google is also doing business like others. They don’t want to lose their visitor. And that is the main reason for having excelling loading speed each and every blog nowadays.

Activate Social Sharing Button:

Please, active your social media sharing button as early as possible. This is one of the easiest ways to get visitors in no time. There are a lot of free and paid plugins to help you if you don’t know how to write code.

social media sharing button in on page seo techniques in 2019

Install any one of them. Yep! I’m recommending one of them. You can use “Social Pug”. This plugin allows you to add awesome social sharing buttons to your posts and pages.

Final Thought:

Yes! There are many On Page SEO techniques in 2019 without these what I’ve just shared with you. You have to add an SSL certificate, power words. To succeed in blogging career, you need to publish content on a regular base.

However, you can put your comment to know more or if you have any more question. We’ll help you to give an answer as early as possible. We also help you to do on-page SEO today. Knock us to get an affordable quotation bang on. Have a nice journey!

Do you want to know more? okay! let’s follow.

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